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Ceramosite™ TFT5

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Ceramosite™ TFT5 (5mil) is a three-ply composite of 3M TufQUIN 5mil (0,125mm) mineral insulation paper bonded to both sides of high quality electrical grade polyester film.
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The TFT composite combines the high mechanical and dielectrical strength of polyester film with the excellent thermal and dielectric characteristics of mineral papers.


These laminates are available in a wide amount of thicknesses, depending on the thickness of the PET layer.


Common applications are in edges and slot insulation in electrical motors, phase insulation in electrical motors, interlayer insulation in transformer and magnet coils, automated insertion processing.


Ceramosite™ is a trademark of IDI Fabrication EMT GmbH.

TufQUIN™ is a trademark of 3M Company.


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