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Power and Composite Technologies, LLC, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Amsterdam, New York, is a world leader in the fabrication of highly-engineered, custom (i.e., build-to-print) composite components, predominantly comprised of fiberglass or carbon fiber-reinforced composites at facilities in the USA, Xiamen, China and near Budapest, Hungary.

The Company's primary markets involve various insulating, structural and high-voltage components used in utility-scale electrical generators, custom structures for oil & gas and railcar applications, and various cryogenic, di-electric, radio-translucent structures used in medical imaging applications and a wide-range of composite structures for other industries.


Power generation products have been the specialty of Power and Composite Technologies for many years. They have extensive experience manufacturing slot armor, slit mica tape, retaining rings, collector assemblies, cap baffles, rotor wedges, end winding support systems, and much more. They also can provide generator repair kits and complete rebuilds or overhauls of brush rigging assemblies.



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