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The Best Solution To Suit Your Needs

Available in virtually any shape and for any function, IDI Fabrication EMT's custom fabricated parts can be made from any non-metallic material. We recognize that, to fit your application, the selection of a material must take into account the fabrication process involved, part specifications, geometry, and dimensional tolerance requirements.
  • We help you choose the material that best suits your application.
  • We can make custom parts to your exact specifications.
  • Toll converting is available for processing client owned products.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified and operate in conformancy to the best quality standards.

Our Best Services


We can convert your own materials into the size and shape according to your request.


We slit rolls:
  • From 0,05mm thick to 1,52mm thick on most widths.
  • From 6mm wide to 1840mm wide on most thicknesses.
  • Core ID's 1.0'', 1.5'', 3'', 6'', 10''.
  • OD's up to 600mm.


We offer an extensive array of custom and precision converting services, such as die-cutting, creasing and cuffing, fringing, assembly services and kitting, as well as rapid prototyping services.


Rolls unwinding OD up to 1000mm.
Core ID's 3'', 6'' and 10''.


We can laminate flexible materials with high-performance adhesive transfer tapes, double-coated adhesive tapes, or high grade temperature resistant resins.
We laminate materials from 0,05mm thick to 1,50mm thick, and up to 1840mm wide.


We offer CNC machined components out of our rigid laminates. We provide virtually unlimited processing possibilities and do have high-performance CNC machining centers. Our high-precision CNC machining centres are equipped with dry and wet processing.
We operate with CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, automatic profiling machines, grinding machines and many more.
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