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IDI Fabrication EMT is a Joint Venture in between IDI Fabrication Inc. out of the USA and Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd. out of China. We are as well a 3M Authorized Distributor, Laminator and Preferred Converter company.

Discrete Papers and Boards

We are a 3M authorized distributor for Inorganic and Hybrid Inorganic Papers and Boards. These products are engineered to meet the most rigorous applications at temperatures ranging from sub-zero to more than 250°C. These state-of-the-art materials have been refined, tested and proven in a wide variety of applications. These products are not only more cost-effective than meta-aramid papers like Nomex®, but they also offer in many aspects advantageous technical properties.


We manufacture in-house PET films, PC films and sheets and PP films and sheets. For many types we use our own chips. Furthermore, we are an authorized distributor for DuPont Teijin Films® and Mitsubishi® Polyester Film.
Our range also covers PEN and PI films.

Flexible Laminates

We produce 0,05mm thick to 1,50mm thick laminates. Widths can range from 6mm to 1840mm. We do as a standard 2-ply and 3-ply laminates, and additionally we can do 4-ply and 5-ply laminates upon request.
The most common types we do are DM, DMD, TF and TFT, whereas "D" refers to PET-fleece, "M" and "F" to PET-film and "T" to Tufquin®, a Hybrid Inorganic Insulation Paper from 3M.

Adhesive Tapes

We make in-house adhesive tapes based on PET, PI, glass cloth and Nomex®. These tapes are available with silicon or acrylic adhesive systems. We are also an authorized 3M distributor and can offer the full range of Electrical and Industrial adhesive tapes. All tapes are offered in log rolls or slit to widths.

Coated Products

We fabricate coated products and prepregs by applying epoxy or polyester resin or a silicone coating on base materials such as films, papers, fabrics, woven grids and flexible laminates. If coated with epoxy or polyester resins, products are supplied in B-stage. The coating can be applied on one or two sides. The material is then shaped by the user and cured under pressure and heat.

Hi-Shrink Tapes and Tubes

These products are heat shrinkable tapes or tubes that apply compressive force to the underlying part. The base material can be PET, PTFE or PI. Such tapes or tubes are used for Carbon Fiber Tube, Electrical Coil and Rubber hose or Cylinder Manufacturing. The shrink percentage is ranging from 5% to 20%.

Molded Parts

Our molded parts are made of BMC, SMC or Prepreg materials. We produce the base materials, the molds and the parts all in-house. This underlines our USP "All Under One Roof".

Rigid Laminates

Our production program includes qualities such as GPO3, FR4, G11 and many other qualities specified in the existing IEC, DIN, NEMA standards.
Beyond that, we manufacture glass fabrics based on e.g. polyamide-imide or bismaleimide resin systems.
These products are offered in sheets or in parts machined to your specification (drawing).

Wound Rings and Tubes

We offer convolute-wound and filament-wound rings and tubes. These products are always MTO. The OD can range from a few mm to 3500mm. The wall thickness can be up to 455mm and the length up to 8000mm. These tubes and rings can be applied in electro-mechanical applications such as industrial motors, generators and transformers, but can be also found e.g. in the oil and gas industry.

Composite Layup

Parts made by vacuum bag molding, autoclave molding, vacuum infusion, wet lay up, spray lay up or injection molding. The breadth of our forming capabilities clearly separates us from competition. These parts are always MTO.

Core Plate Varnish

The Insul-Core™ Solutions process provides the ultimate opportunity to potentially restore the core plate without dismantling the core, saving labor, eliminating the chance of unsatisfactory restack results and the possibility of scrapping an expensive piece of electrical equipment. It can potentially provide reduced cores losses, core temperatures, reduces significant repair down time improving your operations profit margins; this can be achieved through the application of the Insul-Core™ Solutions.

FR PET Chips

We produce flame-retardant and special grade polyester chips. These chips are used in-house for our own production of FR PET film and also offered to yarn and fabric manufacturers. Our FR PET Chips have a phosphorus content from 4500 ppm to 44000 ppm and are based an a modified molecular structure that is linking the phosphorus elements.
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