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Glass Cloth tapes

Glass Cloth tapes offer exceptional high-temperature resistance and tensile strenght. With their remarkable absorption of resins and varnishes plus cut-through and edge-tear resistance, they are unsurpassed for holding and strapping applications up to 200°C.

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301DC Glass cloth adhesive tape

The 301DC tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape made of white non-alkali glass cloth coated on one side with silicone adhesive.

3M™ Tape #27

238,00 €
Price / pc: 238,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 27 is a 7 Mil woven insulating glass cloth tape with pressure sensitive rubber thermosetting adhesive.

3M™ Tape #365

3M™ thermosetable glass cloth tape 365 is a thermosetable rubber resin adhesive tape coated onto a strong, conformable glass cloth backing. It can be used in many applications requiring high initial

3M™ Tape #69

513,00 €
Price / pc: 513,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 69 is a white glass cloth tape with a high temperature thermosetting silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.

3M™ Tape #79

233,00 €
Price / pc: 233,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 79 is a 7 Mil woven insulating glass cloth tape with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.
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