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DM and DMD are high temperature laminated insulation materials, composed by one (DM) or two (DMD) layers of non-woven polyester and one central layer of polyester.

This product has excellent dielectric, mechanical strength and heat resistance.

It can be used as liner insulation material for electric motors and electric apparatus transformers.

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6630 DMD U

6630 DMD U is a flexible laminate consisting of PET-fleece - PET-film - PET-fleece.
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6641 DMD 70

6641 DMD 70 is a flexible laminate consisting of PET-fleece - PET-film - PET-fleece. It is made of a PET-film with a high melting point and a hot rolling PET-fleece. Each side of the PET-film is
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6643 2

6643 DMD 100

3,25 €
Price / kg: 3,25 €
6643 consists of a PET-film covered on both sides with a PET-fleece and is 100% saturated with high grade temperature resin.
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6644T DM 100

6644T consists of PET-film and PET-fleece.It is a two-layer 100% saturated flexible laminate (DM) in which the PET-fleece is bonded on one side to the PET-film, then coated with Class F
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