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Flexible Laminates

Flexible laminates have a wide variety of applications, including use as high-temperature electrical insulation in transformers, motors, generators and automotive industry.


Features are highly dependant from the type of materials combined.

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6641 DMD

9,90 €
Price / kg: 9,90 €
6641 DMD is a flexible laminate consisting of PET-fleece - PET-film - PET-fleece. It is made of a PET-film with a high melting point and a hot rolling PET-fleece. Each side of the PET-film is bonded
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6643 2

6643 DMD

8,90 €
Price / kg: 8,90 €
6643 consists of a PET-film covered on both sides with a PET-fleece and is 100% saturated with high grade temperature resin.
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6644T DM

7,50 €
Price / kg: 7,50 €
6644T consists of PET-film and PET-fleece.It is a two-layer 100% saturated flexible laminate (DM) in which the PET-fleece is bonded on one side to the PET-film, then coated with Class F
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D280 Combi-Lay

14,90 €
Price / m²: 14,90 €
D280 Combi-Lay is a flexible composite in which two or multi-layers of polyester film are bonded together by special adhesive. D280 is made of standard polyester film.
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