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Hostaphan® WN PET film

HOSTAPHAN® BOPET films are good electrical insulators.
3m paper
cequin roll

3M™ CeQUIN I test

2,90 €
Price / m²: 2,90 €
3M™ CeQUIN I Inorganic Insulating Paper is 3M’s highest inorganic-content paper – comprised primarily of glass fibers, glass microfibers and inorganic filler material.

Ceramosite™ TF5

9,15 €
Price / kg: 9,15 €
Ceramosite TF5™ (5mil) is a two-ply composite of 3M TufQUIN 5mil (0,127mm) mineral insulation paper bonded to one side of high quality electrical grade polyester film.

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14,30 €
Price / m²: 14,30 €
3M™ Flame Barrier FRB-NT is an inorganic, halogen-free material that provides the high flammability resistance, arc resistance, and dielectric strength to safely contain electrical hazards.

6021 PET-film

2,30 €
Price / kg: 2,30 €
6021 are biaxial oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films produced through melting, casting and stretching. 6021 is milky white.
cequin roll7


5,15 €
Price / m²: 5,15 €
3M™ CorQUIN can be used in electrical insulation systems with classification up to Class 220 (R) according to UL 1446 and IEC Std. 60085.
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