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3M™ CeQUIN I Inorganic Insulating Paper is 3M’s highest inorganic-content paper – comprised primarily of glass fibers, glass microfibers and inorganic filler material.
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The high inorganic content of CeQUIN I paper provides the excellent thermal and dielectric stability that is required for today’s high-performance designs. CeQUIN I is compatible with most commonly used impregnating varnishes and resins, and is easily impregnated, further enhancing thermal conductivity and coil bonding characteristics. 3M Innovative Paper Technologies UL Recognized Insulation Systems (File No. 65007) may be found on UL’s Electrical Insulation Systems database at http.//database.ul.com/systems/.


Features :

- Thermally stable

- Low moisture absorption

- Long-term dielectric strength

- Superior varnish absorption

- High thermal conductivity

- Cost effective

- UL systems recognition through class 220(R)


Applications :

High-temperature Electrical Insulation For: Dry-Type Transformers, Coils, Reactors (Ground, Barrier, Layer, End-Turn and Interwinding Insulation), Traction Motors, Generators (Inter-Winding Insulation for Form-Wound Coils, Slot Insulation and Phase Insulation), Wire and Cable Wrap, Battery Separators, Capacitor and Electromagnet Layer Insulation, Switchgear Insulation, Spiral and Convolute Tubing.


Available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 mil thickness.


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