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3M™ CeQUIN 3000

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Price / m²: 3,30 €
3M™ CeQUIN3000 Inorganic Insulating Paper is a modified version of CeQUIN I paper with increased mechanical strength.
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By introducing a small percentage of organic fiber reinforcement along with a higher strength binder system, CeQUIN 3000 papers may be produced in 3-mil thickness.

Applications include high-temperature electrical insulation for: dry-type transformers, coils, reactors (ground, barrier, layer, end-turn and interwinding insulation), traction motors, generators (inter-winding insulation for form-wound coils, slot insulation and phase insulation), wire and cable wrap, battery separators, capacitor and electromagnet layer insulation, switchgear insulation, spiral and convolute tubing.



CeQUIN™ is a trademark of 3M Company.


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