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208X Pi Hi-Shrink Tape

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Dunstone 208X Hi-Shrink Tape is a heat shrinkable polyimide tape possessing much higher temperature capabilities than any other shrinkable tape (up to 400°C).

Hi-Shrink Tape 208X is a modified polyimide film that shrinks in the machine direction. The tape starts to shrink at approximately 70°C (155°F) and reaches its maximum shrink of 13% @ 350°C (660°F) . 208X is the highest temperature shrink film available today for composite consolidation applications, and is used widely when dealing with PEEK, PPS, and other high temperature cure thermoplastic resin systems where consolidation pressures are required during cure.

This tape is 2 mil thick and has 8% shrinkage (up to a maximum of 13%).


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