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Adhesive Tapes

An electrical grade tape should always be used in the manufacture of electrical components. The correct tape will have the necessary balance of electrical and mechanical properties along with good handling characteristics that will contribute to overall productivity by reducing time and materials. Their common applications are insulating, protecting and shielding electrical and electronic components.

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3M™ Tape #1350F

117,00 €
Price / pc: 117,00 €
3M™ 1350F tape is an electrical insulating polyester film tape, which meets the flame-retardancy requirements of UL 510.
Thickness, Size and Color

3M™ Tape #27

238,00 €
Price / pc: 238,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 27 is a 7 Mil woven insulating glass cloth tape with pressure sensitive rubber thermosetting adhesive.

3M™ Tape #365

3M™ thermosetable glass cloth tape 365 is a thermosetable rubber resin adhesive tape coated onto a strong, conformable glass cloth backing. It can be used in many applications requiring high initial

3M™ Tape #44

3M™ electrical tape 44 is a low-halogen, combination polyester film/polyester web film coated with a rubber thermosetting pressure sensitive adhesive.

3M™ Tape #56

184,00 €
Price / pc: 184,00 €
3M™ Polyester Film Electrical Tape 56 is a general purpose polyester tape with thermosetting rubber adhesive.

3M™ Tape #69

513,00 €
Price / pc: 513,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 69 is a white glass cloth tape with a high temperature thermosetting silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.

3M™ Tape #79

233,00 €
Price / pc: 233,00 €
3M™ glass cloth electrical tape 79 is a 7 Mil woven insulating glass cloth tape with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.
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