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Insul-Core™ Solutions #0409

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The Insul-Core™ Solutions process provides the ultimate opportunity to potentially restore the core plate without dismantling the core, saving labor, eliminating the chance of unsatisfactory restack results and the possibility of scrapping an expensive piece of electrical equipment.

Insul-Core™ Solutions #0409 is a proprietary formulated aqueous solution of acid, weaker than other acidic materials but stronger than acetic acid. It should be handled with the precautions due an acid, always wear protective clothing and equipment as suggested while being exposed, processing and handling the solution.

Insul-Core™ Solutions #0409 provides a complete process that does not require the laminations to be disassembled. It involves the application of a proprietary formulated solution that provides the ability to reduce core losses, core temperatures and significantly reduces shop time from the old traditional methods.

Proper application of the Insul-Core™ Solutions #0409 process clears the interlaminar shorts between laminations in stator cores. Insul-Core Solutions converts the steel surface to form a durable core plate. The Insul-Core Solutions treatment can provide reduced static core losses by much as 38%, and improved stator core power factor by 10-12% – final results are dependent on the extent of the core plate damage.



Insul-Core™ Solutions #0409 is a trademark of Insul-Core Solutions LLC.


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